Sharing Is Caring

For the benefit of the community, shares aggregated data with other aggregators who are willing to do the same.

How It Works

We mutually share aggregated BEAST and MLAT data.

No PII (personal information) is exchanged.

Aggregators with an interest in open data and a sizeable coverage are encouraged to join.

By sharing data with, you agree to license your data as CC0 .

In exchange, you get access to the aggregated data of all the other aggregators, including, licensed to you as CC0 .

This way, everyone benefits from the aggregated data of everyone else.

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Sharing data since February 2023.

FlyItalyADSB is the first Italian community of flight tracking enthusiasts who thanks to a small antenna receive the position of the planes around them (up to 400km away).


Sharing data since July 2023.

Run by Jack Sweeney and members of Ground Control