ADS-B + UAT Equipment

1090MHz and 978MHz equipment.


  • AirNav RadarBox FlightStick (filter, no LNA) US DE NL IT UK FR ES (good starter, cheap)
  • RTL-SDR (no filter, supports Bias-T to power other devices, most common! great value.)
  • AliExpress no-name 1090 filtered (cheapest, least recommended)
  • Best: Airspy Mini (no built-in filter, supports Bias-T, usually is best paired with a high quality LNA)


If your SDR doesn’t have a filter, you might benefit from one.


An LNA is not required, but can help if you have a long cable run, or if you are using the Airspy Mini.

Note that amplified filters like the Uputronics include an LNA.



SMA Adapters